Back Here!

Life is very unpredictable
Of course, it has to be.
You, DON'T lose your heart
Coz anyways, this too shall pass...

Hey everyone! Longgggggggggg time, NO see! How are you all? I missed blogging and all my peeps in here. Like seriously, I missed you all so so much!!

*Exams got over. Next session began. Even mid terms are near. Ahh, so much for many of you! *

Well for me, there was so much to be dealt with in the last few months. It’s a long long long not-so-fairy-tale. I’ll let you through the glimpse steadily.

As of now, It’s been a week through my Medical Entrance. And the lazy me could only come up with this post so so so sluggishly! Also, my brain has got a big chunk of rust. No idea pops out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so, this is a something post to announce my come back on WP. *Laziness speaks*

All those hilarious and sweet comments were the most missed out part for all these days. Do tell me about you all! Howz you guys? What’s new? Also, Storm the comments with some ideaaaaaaaaaassssssss, collabs? poems? stories? tags? anything? everything? many things?

Until then,



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Just a girl growing wings!!💫

46 thoughts on “Back Here!

  1. ayyyy welcome back!! and ahh i know koi idea aate hi nai! 10th is not in favour at all, school then classes then homework, socialize krne ke liye thoda time milta hai bass😭
    but so good to have you backkk🤍

    1. Bhai tu 10th pdhle fir nii pdhegi aage bcz you will know that, 10th is a scam!!😂😂
      Thank youuuuu, Siii❤❤
      Koi na thoda hi time nikaal te reh
      I’m back. But youuuuuuuu somewhere back to veil🥺🤧

    1. Even I missed you all so much!! 🥺🤧
      Yayy, I’ll have my brain working soon😅😅
      Also, I haven’t read any post of yours since long, looking forward to your posts too, Naomi. 🤍🤍

    Good to see you backkkk!! Even if your life is a bit uphill do try to do blogging, it will engage you during those times!!
    ❤❤ hw is yes very much. we both posted after a gap of 14-15 days

    1. Thank youuuuuu, Duo! 🤍🤍
      That’s what I felt like doing after a week which went just sleeping, sleeping and sleeping!!!!
      10th! I understand😅 It’ll be alright. Just find some time for refreshing your mind.

  3. Woah you gave Medical entrance exams, good luck with the results, you’ll surely do good!! Also I know the lazy slump, perhaps you could start small with descriptions and haikus, I tried writing a six word story a few days back and I’m experimenting more on it, perhaps you’d like to try as well?

    1. Yeppp,
      Hopes!! 🤞🏻 thanks a lot, Devangi🤍
      Six word story and haikus seem trending👀
      Sure, will try writing, if my brain allows 😅
      Btw, you abt you? College? Stuff.

      1. Yeah, I’ve applied for BA in some colleges, hopefully the admission procedure will be over and they’ll start by next month, until then I’m going around meeting new people, and make my time useful, hehe ❤

  4. Welcomeee backkk!!!! So good to have tou here again!!
    Btw, you gave NEET this year?
    And i totally get your situation, im preparing too and it is deadlyy😵
    Post anything you want, i’ll read it:D

    1. Thank youuuuuu Akshu💙💙
      Yeah, this was my 2nd attempt.
      Haha, you are in 11th. 11th me to I did not study anything, just bunked the classes!! 😂😂

  5. Yayyyy….. finally you’re back… welcome back di💞
    I missed you so so so much🤧
    And talking about ideas then even I’m lacking that😅 but you can try writing some poems or six word story.
    And yes all the very best for your results…and I’m eagerly waiting for your next post❤️

    1. Aaaaa, yeeaaaa, I’m back!! 😁
      🥺bs kr pgliiii, I missed you too yr 🤍🤍
      Behen abhi paper hua h, let me complete my sleep hours first, then I’ll jump to results😅
      Six word story seems trending👀
      Hehe, even I’m waiting for my brain to have me write something good sooonnnn!😅🤞🏻

      1. Okay okay aap abhi aaram se apni sleep hours complete Karo😂
        Yea six word story is quite trending..but still I haven’t tried it yet coz my brain has gone into silent mode😄😂

  6. You know what i was thinking about you yesterday. Where were you ? What you were doing? And all ….. So happy you’re back everyone suddenly vanished from WP. Welcome back ☺️. My pre mid is going on tomorrow’s exam science wish me luck 🤞

    1. 🥺🥺 I never thought you all had me missing so much! Really blessed that you had me in your thoughts. Actually, I was preparing for medical entrance exam and that meant a lot to me. Also my mum’s health took a downfall and things got messed up so I could not continue blogging!!
      Thank youuuu, even I’m so so happy❤❤
      Ahh, all the very best for your exams, you will do really well💫
      Also looking forward to reading your posts, soon!!

  7. Welcome back… thanks for sharing.

    I’m doing ok… started writing again a few weeks ago, but there’s one little part of this week’s episode that just isn’t coming to me. I have some filler material as a last resort, but I don’t know if I’m going to use it. I’ve had a fun summer so far.

    1. Thank youu so much, Greg!❤
      So good to hear from you and ah, that’s amazing you have had a great half of the year!
      Also, I’m really sorry I don’t know how I missed your comment and it’s after these many days I got this. My bad!
      Hope you have a great time ahead as well.❤


    1. Thank youuuuuu, Anoushka!💙💙
      Aww🥺🥺 it felt so so good to know that you missed me!! Yeahhhhhhh, even I’m so excited💃💃
      Looking forward to your awe-mazing posts as well😄🤍

    I missed your posts so so much IT’S WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU ON HERE AGAIN!! Hope you’re doing well, and I absolutely can’t wait for all your upcoming posts!!💖🥺

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