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make, break, heal, transform!!


Let go! Free your mind. Breathe. Feel. And set yourself free.. Believe. The process, The journey, The paths, You are getting there, Soon.. It gets hardest when you are hitting, Just there A step aback, At the junction From this to…

Waiting for results!!

When time crawls and stress zooms Instagram drains Twitter hangs YouTube runs down 140/90 ON Mind and life Pacemaker pumps add-ons With fear & excitement . . . Walking in & out “mindlessly” “neend-lessly” Never have I ever Waited for this…

The Remarkable Blogger Tag!

Heya guys. Welcome or welcome back to my blog💗 And today I’m here with lots my secrets out with another tag! This tag is originally created by Selina@Selina’sGardenOfThoughts. I was nominated by four people!!!!!! Maggie@maggie’sdoodles , Shivakshi@TalesITell and Gelina@DayinandoutwithGelina and Aamy@Aamy’simaginations.…


Like a nightmare Lost in me Not so lost Still haunts me . . The guilts, the evil Clutch me every night I, lifting a lamp Dozing off at times . . Dim lights Haunting sights Doing to mind Much more…


And then one day you realise that some people hate you for no reason! Some people always have their “sahi”(correct) reasons of how you are always “galat” (wrong). She is this and that and that, blah, blah, blah! I don’t like…

Loving the process?

Where you want to be in your life? What is that current fantasy of your last destination that will give you immense pleasure and your imaginary painless life there after! Paradoxically, after reaching onto that, you will set yourself to other…

Back Here!

Life is very unpredictable Of course, it has to be. You, DON’T lose your heart STOP EXPECTING, START BELIEVEING! Coz anyways, this too shall pass… Hey everyone! Longgggggggggg time, NO see! How are you all? I missed blogging and all my…

Happy Birthday Siiiiiiiiiiiii !❤

Heyyyyyyyyy everyone! It’s our one and only most charming Siya’s b-day, today!!!! Woo-hooooo *Drum rolls please* Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *Applause and claps* At second, I’m sorry for not having a really…

YOU are special🎀

This is a REMINDERFor You, You, and yes You too!”You are special”So special and so beautiful inside out,”You are wonderful”To play your thoughtful part, “You are the shine”Showers in spineAnd “You are the warmth”Deep to the heart”You are the beauty”And the…


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About Me!

Hi, Aayushi this side! Besides being a human cartoon, I’m 18 year old medical student. Not too studious. Okay? This is my little corner of the internet where I love to express myself through impressions! I love making people smile and I hope I’ll be able to do that through my writings, someday. Hope you have a lovely time here!.. Read more

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