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Know more about me!

Hi, Aayushi this side! Besides being a human cartoon, I’m 18 year old medical student. Not too studious. Okay?

Well, yes! I want to be a doctor(I’m preparing for the entrance) and along with that I want to do everything else in my life!! Apart from studies, I have always believed in making my heart happy and the people around me smile.

So, This is my little corner of the internet where I would love to evince myself through expressions and impressions!

I started this blog on 2nd October, 2021. And that was just as a means of escaping from the studies and that burden after my exam. And I literally had no idea of what I’m doing, how I’m going to manage and what I’m going to write. All I knew was I have to do something apart more studies and I always had this feel that I could express myself better by writing rather than speaking. And with lil courage I just started! The very first post I made was Know Me, right here! And now after three months, when I read that I feel like Yes! I have improved and I’m improving more. Btw, I’m writing this about page on New Year’s Eve!!😅😅

Well, talking about my hobbies I like to do everything and I wish to do everything!! I know it’s weird but from singing to dancing, and from painting to running and horse-riding(though I don’t know horse-riding😅, but I’m interested in everything!) It’s just when the opportunity comes my way to grab each stage one at a time. But, when it comes to what I do to bust off the stress, I sleep and sleeping actually works wonders I feel light after a long deep sleep! Anyways I sleep a lot, like a lotttttttttttt. (I don’t think so I should go more on that) Apart from sleeping, I dance to chuck off the burden and now I write as well! Yeah, I love writing blogs now. And it makes me really really happy. And blog writing is currently a distraction for me as well.😅😅 But, I’m working on it and anyways, I will get back to the track soooon!! *Hope so*

What else I could write about myself😅😅.. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Oh yes, I had this one collage made at the time I started this blog but that was on my home page! It’s like a overview of my daily life! May be majorly. I don’t know but I feel placing it here, so here it is!!

It’s 11:57😅 And I guess that was long enough!😅😅So, with that I’m ending it here! I hope you stick in here with my journey..

Smiles and Love!


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2 thoughts on “Know more about me!

    1. Ahh, thanks a lot! Your beautiful comment made my day. Thank you!!❤
      Also, I’m really sorry for this late reply, actually I was jumbled with certain things in here. But, back to blogging now. So excited to you, here again. ❤❤

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