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Waiting for results!!

When time crawls and stress zooms Instagram drains Twitter hangs YouTube runs down 140/90 ON Mind and life Pacemaker pumps add-ons With fear & excitement . . . Walking in & out “mindlessly” “neend-lessly” Never have I ever Waited for this long Or it’s just My patience Burning-out . . . Seconds Minutes Hours.. DaylightContinue reading “Waiting for results!!”


It’s celebration time🎉 !Aligning Aayushisss coming soon!✨❤

Heyoooo everybody! I hope you all are doing good. So, recently I completed 200 followers and I have another post for my blog milestone. omg! omg! omg! This was something beyond my wildest dreams when I started this blog. Thank you so much everyone for being a part of this blog, My Ash Radiance! I’mContinue reading “It’s celebration time🎉 !Aligning Aayushisss coming soon!✨❤”

The BrainStorms Award!❤

Heya peeps! Welcome or welcome back to Ash Radiance.🎀💕 How you all have been? I hope that you all are well and being very very safe. For today, I have the BrainStorms Award and I was nominated by Sid@musingsofcuriousmind for this one last year😅😅 and finally I’m doing it today! Thanks a lot for theContinue reading “The BrainStorms Award!❤”


Hello Amigos! Welcome or Welcome back to Ash Radiance.🎀 I have been inactive for a few days because I’m really engaged! I hope to get back to normal soon. So today I’m up with another tag..💕 I was nominated for this one by an amazing blogger. Thank you for the wonderful tag, Hermione! Wonder ifContinue reading “The GIF-Y-LOVE TAG!”