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Loving the process?

Where you want to be in your life? What is that current fantasy of your last destination that will give you immense pleasure and your imaginary painless life there after!

Paradoxically, after reaching onto that, you will set yourself to other and then some other and this just goes on..

Let’s just idealise your end of line as of now. But wait, are you loving the road? Or you are just loving the result? Are you embracing your weakness and loving the process? Are you even enjoying the process?


Published by Aayushi

Just a girl growing wings!!💫

24 thoughts on “Loving the process?

  1. I think these questions should be asked to yourself. The result doesn’t matter but the process ! And make sure the end of the road or the result makes you happy mentally and physically not that you’re doing it in pressure.

  2. 👌👌👌✒ I set goals as impossible as possible.It’s about fantasy…I don’t want to limit fantasy. When I close my eyes I fly through the rings of Saturn🌌

    1. I already got over this impatience. moksh prapti! Did what I could, now I don’t give a damn on what’s gonna be the destination! The process served it’s purpose well for me.

      P.S.- I could be great philosopher as well, what’s say Ri?

  3. For me the process is more important than the result…no matter how beautiful the destination is but at the end the journey is what matters the most.
    Great share dii…❤️

    1. Actually yes, it’s the journey which will teach you so much, the destination just lures, haha!
      So glad to hear that you already that a thought and realization about this one!
      Thanks a lot, Candy🦋❤

  4. These are the questions worth asking… I too am in love with the prospect of that final result.
    Yes time and again I do think about think about enjoying the road and process, but how does one really do that.

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