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YOU are special🎀

This is a REMINDER For You, You, and yes You too! “You are special” So special and so beautiful inside out, “You are wonderful” To play your thoughtful part, “You are the shine” Showers in spine And “You are the warmth” Deep to the heart “You are the beauty” And the smile to you HoldContinue reading “YOU are special🎀”



The only certainty is that, nothing is certain. ~Pling the elder Scared about what next? Backed out, aren’t you? And everybody says, “Be positive” But how? Be positive but you don’t know what’s coming! But nobody, nobody in the world could tell what next. Say even ‘Stephen Hawking’ couldn’t do that. Nobody could foresee evenContinue reading “Uncertainty”

12 Souvenir of a year✨🎀

Hello everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog. I hope you guys are staying very very safe, these days. And so I’m back with a contest again, though! I’m literally running out of ideas these days so you will have to bear with this! Anyways, This is a new year writing contest created byContinue reading “12 Souvenir of a year✨🎀”

Is your glass, half empty or half full?

Catching the proverb as a decisive test of the person’s mental health, it gives a peek into an individual’s ideology to deal with a specific situation. Perceiving a situation optimistically! The sanguinely approach is that of, “C’mon, your glass is half full.” Even if you scored low, you reached a hairsbreadth! Still ahead of startingContinue reading “Is your glass, half empty or half full?”