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Let go! Free your mind. Breathe. Feel. And set yourself free.. Believe. The process, The journey, The paths, You are getting there, Soon.. It gets hardest when you are hitting, Just there A step aback, At the junction From this to that! You are just there. It was the last Ruined yourself, New life isContinue reading “Believe”


YOU are special🎀

This is a REMINDER For You, You, and yes You too! “You are special” So special and so beautiful inside out, “You are wonderful” To play your thoughtful part, “You are the shine” Showers in spine And “You are the warmth” Deep to the heart “You are the beauty” And the smile to you HoldContinue reading “YOU are special🎀”

Happy Hormones Heist!

Being happy, doesn’t demands big, great events. Right? Some little cute moments are enough to drive the happy hormones aka THE HAPPY HORMONES HEIST! So, here are a few things that won me my heist are~ 💙A good hair day~ Yeah, that’s the day when I keep smiling for no existing reason. And the onlyContinue reading “Happy Hormones Heist!”

A love letter to the universe!💌🤍

My dear universe, Thank you for lending me a part of you, a part of this beautiful you and a part of yours wonderful earth.❤❤ Thank you for adding my soul to this beautiful world and this beautiful life! Thank you for introducing me to this present, to this LIFE! Thank you for being aContinue reading “A love letter to the universe!💌🤍”

The Aesthete BLOGGING!

Hey Amigos💕 Welcome or welcome back to my blog. After so long, It’s an award today!! This award is originally created by Ashmita @The Fictional Journal. I was nominated by Devangi@justpenningmythoughtsdown and also by Siya@thedramaticdrama. They both are amazing bloggers, Check out their blogs guys, you’ll love them!! Thank you so much, Devangi & Siya! It wasContinue reading “The Aesthete BLOGGING!”


Let go of worries, It’s time for flurry! A flurry.. Of snow, Of joy, Love to cherish and A moment to smile! Merry Christmas, Everyone💖💖 Back again, it’s a wonderful time of the year! Gifts, cakes, candy canes, and of course, our favourite, Santa! We all have a Santa in our life, could be anyoneContinue reading “Christmassy!!✨💗”

The Liebster Award

Hello! Hello! 💗swagat hai sabhi ka💗 How are you guys doing? I hope you are very very good and staying very very safe. And today it’s some fun! As the title says it’s an award yeppppp!!! I was nominated for this pretty award by Nikitha from haven. She has an amazing blog and she isContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

Self Love: The Secret to Happiness!!

Embrace and nourish yourself with love and care. Be brave enough to accept your flaws, your weakness and your strength. Remind yourself of you are capable of. Even if the times are hard, Stay Strong. Just love yourself! Love yourself’s a necessity!! Feed your soul with positivity and optimism. Let the world feel theContinue reading “Self Love: The Secret to Happiness!!”