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Let go! Free your mind. Breathe. Feel. And set yourself free.. Believe. The process, The journey, The paths, You are getting there, Soon.. It gets hardest when you are hitting, Just there A step aback, At the junction From this to that! You are just there. It was the last Ruined yourself, New life isContinue reading “Believe”


Waiting for results!!

When time crawls and stress zooms Instagram drains Twitter hangs YouTube runs down 140/90 ON Mind and life Pacemaker pumps add-ons With fear & excitement . . . Walking in & out “mindlessly” “neend-lessly” Never have I ever Waited for this long Or it’s just My patience Burning-out . . . Seconds Minutes Hours.. DaylightContinue reading “Waiting for results!!”

Struggles of a TOPPER!!!

Hey guys! Everyone of us spoke blehhh..blehhh..blehhh for the toppers at sometime or the other. Right? So, here it is, DEDICATED TO ALL THE TOPPERS, struggles and tussles of a topper!💨 You study all day?A boring life!The room in books And the hobbies cast aside Dude, It’s exam time! Aah, I see, You already hadContinue reading “Struggles of a TOPPER!!!”

12 Souvenir of a year✨🎀

Hello everyone! Welcome or welcome back to my blog. I hope you guys are staying very very safe, these days. And so I’m back with a contest again, though! I’m literally running out of ideas these days so you will have to bear with this! Anyways, This is a new year writing contest created byContinue reading “12 Souvenir of a year✨🎀”


Hey peeps! How are you all? I hope that you are well. So, today it’s December-Vibes-Poetry Contest, created by Duo Disseminator. Well, poem is something not my cup. I’m really bad at writing poems!! Honestly, I’m doing this post just because the contest is held by Kunjal and Khushi, and I was nominated by CandyContinue reading “December-Vibes-Poetry”