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💙Just in case…

Just in case nobody told you this today!.. 💙You don’t need to figure out everything right at this moment. 💙It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Nothing is permanent! This too shall pass. 💙You are never put in front of a challenge you can’t handle. If you weren’t capable, the opportunity would never have comeContinue reading “💙Just in case…”


Healthy Us #1

Hellooooooo People! Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to my blog!!!! Mmmmm… Am I sounding too excited? Or too happy? No doubt, I am. Because when we feel healthy we look healthy and sound healthy and happy as well. So, as the title itself says, without much intro(I know I’m extremely bad at intros😅) let’s get into theContinue reading “Healthy Us #1”

Law of Attraction🌍💖

“The more you think of it, the more power you give it in your head. The more you dream of it, the more you find the opportunities to achieve it. Every time you get a bit more passionate, it takes you a step ahead towards your goals.” Intentionally or unintentionally, you have got the powerContinue reading “Law of Attraction🌍💖”


Hello Amigos! Welcome or welcome back to my blog. This post is for my first tag and I’m so excited!! So, let’s get into it. At first, Thank you so much Sid for nominating me for this beautiful tag!! She is an amazing, exceptionally talented blogger and all her posts are brilliant. She is anContinue reading “#PowerfulFemalesTag”

Anger Issues!

Everyone of us get angry and irritated at some times or other, it’s a natural human emotion. But when it becomes an issue in case of refractory, violent act, when it’s not you but your anger which defines and defames you! Biologically speaking, people with anger muddle have large-sized amygdala(a part of brain responsible forContinue reading “Anger Issues!”

Is your glass, half empty or half full?

Catching the proverb as a decisive test of the person’s mental health, it gives a peek into an individual’s ideology to deal with a specific situation. Perceiving a situation optimistically! The sanguinely approach is that of, “C’mon, your glass is half full.” Even if you scored low, you reached a hairsbreadth! Still ahead of startingContinue reading “Is your glass, half empty or half full?”

Self Love: The Secret to Happiness!!

Embrace and nourish yourself with love and care. Be brave enough to accept your flaws, your weakness and your strength. Remind yourself of you are capable of. Even if the times are hard, Stay Strong. Just love yourself! Love yourself’s a necessity!! Feed your soul with positivity and optimism. Let the world feel theContinue reading “Self Love: The Secret to Happiness!!”