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Let go!
Free your mind. 
And set yourself free..
The process,
The journey,
The paths,
You are getting there,
It gets hardest when you are hitting,
Just there
A step aback,
At the junction
From this to that! 
You are just there. 
It was the last
Ruined yourself,
New life is waiting in veil.
Taught me so much, 
You will always be 
at my heart,
Dangerously beautiful 
And that's close to end. 
Just a few more steps! 
Those are the toughest. 
But dear, 
In you,
Your journey 
You are getting there. 
Believe and just let go!
Still your mind 
and freeze for a while 
Believe in you and your universe.


This is something, I wrote while I was preparing for NEET and it was getting harder and harder to be consistent with my studies and amongst all the chaos, believing in myself was the best thing I ever did. This piece is very close to me and reminds me of how tough those days were but it was worth it!


Published by Aayushi

Just a girl growing wings!!💫

41 thoughts on “Believe

      1. Bhai! Aaraam planet ke bahar nii nikl jana udte udte, kaha dhoondhungi main😂
        Haan jiiiiii, Si ki kami puri kr rhi😅👽

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