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Waiting for results!!

When time crawls
and stress zooms
Instagram drains 
Twitter hangs
YouTube runs down
140/90 ON
Mind and life
Pacemaker pumps add-ons 
With fear & excitement 
Walking in & out 
Never have I ever
Waited for this long
Or it's just 
My patience
Daylight bleeding 
The sky is dusky
Will you come upon 
to make the ends meet 
at the dawn,

And I waited endlessly for the entire day, picking my phone every 2 mins to check but, the results were never out! They crossed all limits of irresponsibility. Huh.

Result ki date dekr result nahi dete hai. 👽😏

*death glares*

Edit: Results were announced at 11:30ish at night, and I scored 650/720! 🤍


Published by Aayushi

Just a girl growing wings!!💫

41 thoughts on “Waiting for results!!

  1. Congratulations on the great score, Aayushi! Aur voh results se pehle aanewaali anxiety with nervousness and excitement is shown so nicely in your post, ahhh😂🤧

  2. Your score is so good I can’t imagine you scored good Mark’s while blogging as well.. This is insane.
    I wish you all the best hope you get your dream college.
    I also want to get IIT hope I’ll crack jee.
    Please give me some tips. I really need this.

    1. Na, I went on a big big blogging breaak while preparing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thank you so much❤
      You definitely will!
      Arey just keep going, consistently! Take breaks and get back. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up even if it gets harder. Just keep going, GOOD LUCK❤✨

      1. Ahhhh well your hard work pays off.
        And the break was worth it.
        Thanku so much for this motivation. I’ll keep working hard until I succeed. 😊

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