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Like a nightmare
Lost in me
Not so lost
Still haunts me
The guilts, the evil 
Clutch me every night
I, lifting a lamp
Dozing off at times
Dim lights
Haunting sights
Doing to mind 
Much more than eyes
The horrifying voice 
Oh, there it is
Inside my head.
I shout to hear me out
But it chokes me somewhere 
The echoes roar
To whisper 
Only I hear
Those creepy moulds 

Still alive. 

All that we went through in the past makes a permanent home in us someway or the other. Frightens the hell out of us. Happens, Right? But isn’t that the extra burden, sluggishly killing us. The faint glimpse haunt us just way too much. Summoning all the strength, we try forgetting it at times. But doesn’t that keeps coming to us every now and then.

“The past is over, nothing could be changed. Can’t we all just not live in the present! Can’t we just pull that power over our past to soothe our nerves.” We often say this to comfort ourselves as well as others.

But is it that cushy? No, you can never forget it completely but you have to make peace with it. Acceptance is the key! Accept that it was. Don’t resist. More you run away, more it will haunt you.

Negatives, accept it. Accept that it can’t be changed. Accept that you have to make peace with it to live freely. Accept that you have it live with it. And not pitifully, anymore.

Feel and then cure them. Then find positives to put over them.


Published by Aayushi

Just a girl growing wings!!💫

40 thoughts on “Past

    1. Move on? We certainly can’t vanish it in our memories. We just learn to live with it!
      Yep, no expectations and a better life ahead. Thank you!❤

  1. Ash i cant describe how perfect this is.. exactly what i need to hear❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹
    I hope you feel the huuuuge hug i am giving u rn! Ty sooo much!!

    1. I’m so glad that finally I’m an alien, could read your mind!!!!!!!!!

      Jokes apart! I hope you get to deal with it and feel better soon. Any help? I’m always there.
      Yeahhhhhhhh, I could feel that, motuuuuuu💕💕

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