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YOU are special🎀

This is a REMINDER

For You, You, and yes You too!

“You are special”

So special and so beautiful inside out,

“You are wonderful”

To play your thoughtful part,

“You are the shine”

Showers in spine


“You are the warmth”

Deep to the heart

“You are the beauty”

And the smile to you

Hold that smile!

Always hold your head high

Be kind and proud..

Kind, to yourself!

Proud, of the person you have become

Out of those struggles


YOU ARE SPECIAL to yourself and yes to me!



Published by Aayushi

Just a girl growing wings!!💫

57 thoughts on “YOU are special🎀

  1. This is a reminder to you
    Yes you, you are AMAZING!!!
    I really love your work and always wait for it, so much to learn from your work, your writing style and you come up with something fresh always.
    Best wishes to you- YOU are special

    1. I think sometimes we should just ignore small mistakes, cause everyone does it. Just enjoy the content. Well, if anyone point out my errors, they have to write a complete blog in comment section with just mentioning those errors. So, I pretend as if nobody notices them.

    1. Thank you so much, Rebekah! I wasn’t active on WP so I completely missed your posts. I’m so sorry for that!! And I won’t be active for a few more days but once I return I’ll be doing this challenge, for sure! ❤

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