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Colours in life!❤❤

You began with a BROWN

Resting on a WHITE hometown

Rosy PINK cheeks, then

Abandoning colourless down

Enter into the BLUES

To filter joys all around

The blues entangle the GREENS

And let you go to play and re-bound

RED-Black adds through love and desires

Weaving threads of wisdom and wounds

The hazy GREY, soon to disappear

SUNNY mornings &

BUTTERSCOTCH noon are the upcoming heirs!

The SILVER moon is the love in envy

Sparking to lighten faceless admirers

And GOLD is the never ending hue

Cuddled you to a perfect view

But RED’s Et tu, Brute

The amygdala has BERRY

In glass of red wine

Adding, WINE’s the next crosser

Doped grapes PURPLE ranted high!!

Mid-way, the TROPICS are back

With joy and shines

To create the algorithm


Up your life

To endless depths

Blending Paradise...




Published by Aayushi

Just a girl growing wings!!💫

83 thoughts on “Colours in life!❤❤

    1. Thank you!❤❤
      Haha, there’s no secret as such😂 actually i myself don’t know how do I write poems, that just happens by itself 😂😂 ohk, I’m being mad here!! But that’s the truth🤧
      Thank you so much, Chocolate!!🥺❤❤

      1. No no… don’t become mad coz we still have to read your amazing future poems! Lol!😂…aww.. you’re welcome dii❤️🍫

      2. You know mad people write more amazing🤣🤣
        Of course, unless and until the medical education doesn’t makes me insane, you’ll get to read them!!

  1. Ee toh bahut hi badhia kavita likhi bitiya ne😌💖💖badhte rahooo!!!👏👏

    laughing at my own comment.🤣👻🤣🤣👻

    1. 😅
      Dhanywaad🙏🏻🙏🏻 bahut bahut aabhar aapka!!!

      Seriously! It was like some one really elder complimenting me🤣🤣 with me giving that😁 smile🤣🤣🤣

      Riiiiiiiiiiiiii don’t tell me you gonna go old without marrying or having kids🤣🤣🤣

      1. Hahaha, we’ll see to that🤣🤣
        But I bet on this you will marry for sure and I’ll be the first one to dance in your wedding with Si, of course🤣🤣

      1. 🤣🤣🤣very welcome, bhaiya!!
        I know you asked the meaning for why it is Ash Radiance. I’ll tell you that soon😅 in one of my upcoming posts!! so… you had to wait😅

    1. Hehe, thank youu so much for the tareef, Shans❤❤
      Ahaha, stay with me and it will get passed to you automatically!! Transforming principle rules types🤣🤣

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