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Hey peeps! How are you all? I hope that you are well. So, today it’s December-Vibes-Poetry Contest, created by Duo Disseminator. Well, poem is something not my cup. I’m really bad at writing poems!! Honestly, I’m doing this post just because the contest is held by Kunjal and Khushi, and I was nominated by Candy as well. So, at last I thought of writing some creepy stuff that could at least be called as a poem, hopefully it is!!


  • Design a post of your own and link back to the original post to notify the creator. Unnotified posts will not be judged.
  • Paste the rules of this contest on your post if you have a blog. If not, contact us at with your entry!
  • Tag this post as December- Vibes- Poetry
  • Last date of submission is 10 January.
  • Word limit ranges to 200 words
  • Inappropriate content shall be disqualified
  • You can send no more than 2 entries.
  •  Nominate at least 5 people to participate in this contest.
  • Thee last date for submission is *** 
  • Add the logo of this post that is:


A season, mere a season?
More a feel
With festive zeal
Woo! Hibernation with conceal
And glitter for beings.

Cozy winters, O my dear!
Foggy mornings.. soft, O,deep,deep
Chilly nights, O,sweet,sweet
Me? In the hearts.
In the hearts of bright snow,
Whispering behind
In calm silver sunshine
I fell in love,
With surreal skies
With snowy flies
With misty sighs
Fearlessly, mesmerized
In the solitary allies..

With fallen sun,
And hazy moon
In crisp flakes
and windy tune!
Mysteriously untouched,
The flames of fire
criss-crossed in silence
The gleamy admire!
Blossom fragrance
Of the woods,
With peaceful benevolence
With desires in despair..

With frosted blue
Deep in colour
And the magic
The dreamy magic!!


That’s all for today! See yaa.

Until the next post,



Published by Aayushi

Just a girl growing wings!!💫

45 thoughts on “December-Vibes-Poetry

  1. Lovely poem, Ash!💕
    And thank youu soo much for the nomination but I doubt I’ll do this because I’m not a fan of writing poetry, I just like reading😭

    1. Emm! Okay, thank you for the appreciation, Si❤❤ honestly, I still think it is kinda awful!!😅😅
      Hehe! Do you think I am? Poetry is like the toughest thing for me😅 And yeah! I totally understand! If you couldn’t that’s not the problem at all.😁💕

  2. A wonderful poem. Yes,December is a m”onth of joy,of festive zeal,when we can wholeheartedly embrace the festive spirit amidst the cold weather,relish the makes for endless material for poems. I especially loved the lines “And hazy moon
    In crisp flakes
    and windy tune!”

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